What is F.A.Q. – these are questions and answers, this system is also known as simply faq or FAQ. Accordingly, FAQmind.com is a portal of questions and answers to them. Machine search does not always give acceptable results when solving any issues. That’s why we have developed a FAQ and FAQ service where you can ask any question and get a response from live users. Our service will help to solve any problems – solve your homework, find the right book or program, cope with computer problems, consult on health issues. The possibilities of our portal do not end there, because there are a lot of topics on which you can ask a question. All you need to solve your problem on our portal is to ask the right question, then patiently wait for the answers of other users. FAQ – Live search of answers will always allow you to find the right and maximally developed answer, which classical search engines can not provide, the action of which is based on indexing of web pages. In addition, a live search will allow you to formulate your question in the way that you want the user, not resting on the search engines. Runet users appreciate the capabilities of our FAQ portal, solving the pressing problems and tasks with its help.